Tom Lyne Plumbing – Ben Welch Testimonial“In today’s turbulent economy, it is a rarity to find a business that remains unchanged.  The one characteristic of Tom Lyne Plumbing that has remained unchanged is his commitment to customer service.  My wife and I have been a part of the Brazos Valley for close to 25 years, and while we have the choice of many locally owned and operated businesses, we continue to use Tom for one simple reason: He has become family.”

– Ben Welch

About Us

In 2005, Tom and Shelby Lyne started Tom Lyne Plumbing & Irrigation with the intention of providing excellent service and products to builders and residents in the community. The community has taken notice of the friendly customer service and top of the line products and voted Tom Lyne Plumbing & Irrigation “Best Plumbing Service” in the Brazos Valley in 2010. After working in the plumbing business for 10 years, Tom Lyne went out on his own in 2005. Customer service is of the highest importance to Tom Lyne Plumbing & Irrigation. They always listen to their customer’s needs, and … [Read More...]